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Get Highly Specialized Crypto Tax & Accounting Help

We help Crypto Investors lower their taxes, keep pristine accounting, file their taxes & avoid problems with the IRS.

Get Competent Tax Advice & Service

We know crypto & the the tax law, and we'll help you get through the complexities of your tax season.

Aggressive Tax Reduction Planning

We will help you lower your taxes and keep more of what you earn.

Deep Crypto Knowledge

We're not your typical CPA, we're block-chain and cyrpto experts with a complete understanding of everything necessary.

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Lower Your Crypto Taxes, Avoid IRS Problems & Get Excellent Books

Crypto Investors Deserve Better

We help crypto investors get the top-tier, professional tax planning, advice, and bookkeeping services they deserve because they typical CPA firm is antiquated & behind the times.

Most accountants scoff at crypto, but we've embraced it since it's infancy

We've had the benefit of growing our tax firm alongside crypto investments since the early days, and we're thrilled to have gotten to help so many investors.

  • Keep more of what you make
  • Never waste time getting stuck
  • Get turn-key & affordable savings
  • Pay with crypto
  • Avoid IRS problems
  • Get competent & CPA level advice

If you're a crypto investor, you deserve to work with a top-tier Certified Public Accountant that understands every nuance of block chain and crypto.

We Know Crypto & Tax Law

We've been involved with Crypto since the mid 2010's, and we pride ourselves

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