We Specialize in Crypto Tax Reduction

Crypto Tax & Accounting Services

We'll teach and guide you to dramatically & legally reduce your taxes around Crypto investments
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  • We Know the Loopholes

    Learn how to mitigate up to 100% of crypto related taxes while getting on the good side of the IRS.
  • Avoid Audits & Red Flags

    We'll help you establish great accounting & protect yourself from any major IRS red flags.
  • Establish Sound Accounting

    While we help you reduce your taxes and take advantage of loopholes, we can help you establish a simple accounting & tracking system.

Crypto Tax & Accounting Services from Anthony Price CPA

Get Crypto Specialized Tax Preparation, Accounting & Tax Planning

Wondering how to reduce or even eliminate your tax liability around your NFT's and Crypto Investments?

My Name is Anthony Price, and I'm a Certified Public Accountant that specializes in helping business owners, crypto investors and 1099 income earners reduce their taxes, free up time, and avoid problems with the IRS.

Keep More of Your Crypto Earnings!

The general public knows very little about all the tax rules, let alone loopholes, that exist for assets like stocks, bonds, real estate and crypto currency assets.

Crypto Specialist CPA Tax Accountant

Traditional CPA firms are a little bit behind the times when it comes to crypto currency and they're slow to learn because whenever something new comes along, they know that there's risk involved and they need to train all their staff & legal team.

We are Crypto experts and have been investing in crypto currency since its infancy. We have been tightly aligned to all the best practices available for investors to easily track their gains while properly timing their gains, losses and carryover losses.

Get Advice on Timing Gains & Losses

The two biggest things people need help on is timing their gains and losses, and ensuring they're being wise on the timing so as to dramatically lower their taxes.

You need to approach your short term gains and losses, along with your long term gains and losses, from a wholistic approach so that you don't run into unnecessarily high tax rates on your crypto currency.

Save Millions in Taxes

We've been able to help investors save millions in taxes over the last couple of years, because there are loopholes and tax planning strategies available to mitigate your tax liability.  So many Crypto investors make mistakes because they work with an amateur bookkeeper and non-crypto tax preparer & tax planner.

You Need Tax Planning

One of the most important things that major crypto investors need to realize is that you need to have a specialized, highly-competent tax planner alongside you in order to help you avoid mistakes, while also helping you deploy more sophisticated tax & accounting strategies.

Whether it's utilizing trusts, or simply ensuring you're not making common crypto mistakes, we'll help you lower your taxes, stay compliant, and also avoid big surprises.

Small Business Accounting Services

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Crypto Tax & Accounting Services

We'll teach and guide you to dramatically & legally reduce your taxes around Crypto investments

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Tax Reduction Planning

We work throughout the year to reduce your taxes while keeping you compliant and avoiding red flags & mistakes.

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We make it easy to choose the perfect payroll solution, set it up and stay compliant while getting support, so you don't waste time.

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Tax Deferral Trust Planning

Asset Protection, Tax Mitigation, & Legacy Transference Trusts.

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Business Tax Returns

We help businesses file their taxes with an eye on tax reduction & establishing perfect financials.

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We'll handle all the bookkeeping & establish pristine books as a firm foundation for decision making.

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