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Payroll Services

We make it easy to choose the perfect payroll solution, set it up and stay compliant while getting support, so you don't waste time.
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  • Choose the Right Payroll

    We've helped scores of businesses select the right payroll, and we'll make it easy to get the best value for your needs.
  • Setup Correctly

    We'll ensure the payroll system is setup and run properly, avoiding costly & time consuming mistakes
  • Service & Onboarding

    We'll help you setup new employees, run reports & stay compliant at year end.

Payroll services

Don’t waste time or get stuck trying to become a payroll system expert

Established businesses often don’t know whether they’re using the most beneficial payroll system and new businesses often get stuck trying to become experts in payroll systems.

We make choosing the right payroll, setting it up, and performing reports easy.

We make payroll easy

We’ve done this hundreds of times, which means we can breeze through setups that would usually take you a great deal of time.

We help onboard new employees & contractors

Another major benefit to doing your payroll with us is that as you hire new employees, onboard new contractors or even new vendors, we will make your life easy and reduce the amount of complexity for your team.

When we serve as your outsourced accountant, simply connect your new employees, contractors and vendors with us and we will get everything set up.

Not only will we make it easy to onboard, but we will answer all questions as you and your team come across them.

Choosing the best system

We understand the benefits of various payroll systems and we’ve set up scores of businesses in the past.

Price CPA Tax and Accounting also helps businesses set up and run their payroll system so that there is a perfectly integrated operation between Bookkeeping, Sales, Taxes and Payroll.

Wholesale rates and perfect reporting

As an accounting firm we get access to fantastic wholesale rates and discounts for payroll services and because we set up scores of businesses every year, we are able to quickly deploy the perfect solution for you and your business.

Small Business Accounting Services

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Tax Reduction Planning

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We make it easy to choose the perfect payroll solution, set it up and stay compliant while getting support, so you don't waste time.

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Tax Deferral Trust Planning

Asset Protection, Tax Mitigation, & Legacy Transference Trusts.

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Business Tax Returns

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We'll handle all the bookkeeping & establish pristine books as a firm foundation for decision making.

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