Trusts that Shield Your Legacy

Trusts that Shield Your Legacy

Asset Protection, Tax Mitigation, & Legacy Transference Trusts.
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  • Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes

    We help dramatically reduce or eliminate capital gains
  • Asset Protection

    Trusts with the Platinum Trust Group shield your assets
  • Build Generational Wealth

    We'll ensure your legacy is passed to multiple generations & reduce tax liabilities

Trusts with the Platinum Trust Group

We help high net worth individuals implement tax deferral trust strategies in partnership with platinum trust groups

Business owners can utilize specific trust strategies to dramatically reduce their taxes and create a tax deferral system that pushes tax liabilities far into the future in order to help maximize cash flow and integrate with a multi-generational wealth strategy.

Tax Deferral Trust & Estate Planning Trust

There’s a very specific strategy that we implement that allows folks to defer taxes. We also encourage business owners and folks that hold nontraditional assets, to utilize trusts as estate planning tools.

If you have a business, multiple businesses, a family office, real estate portfolios and more complex asset holdings, then we would love to facilitate a consultation to explore what it would look like to utilize a tax deferral trust strategy in order to maximize your families overall benefits from your assets.

Small Business Accounting Services

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Crypto Tax & Accounting Services

We'll teach and guide you to dramatically & legally reduce your taxes around Crypto investments

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Tax Reduction Planning

We work throughout the year to reduce your taxes while keeping you compliant and avoiding red flags & mistakes.

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We make it easy to choose the perfect payroll solution, set it up and stay compliant while getting support, so you don't waste time.

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Tax Deferral Trust Planning

Asset Protection, Tax Mitigation, & Legacy Transference Trusts.

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Business Tax Returns

We help businesses file their taxes with an eye on tax reduction & establishing perfect financials.

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We'll handle all the bookkeeping & establish pristine books as a firm foundation for decision making.

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