Pro-Active, Aggressive Tax Reduction

Tax Reduction Planning

We work throughout the year to reduce your taxes while keeping you compliant and avoiding red flags & mistakes.
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  • Maximize the S-Corp

    We'll help you get the most out of your S-Corporation, or even help you convert & set it up properly.
  • Year-Round Guidance

    We come to you with ideas to reduce taxes ,and then we do what's necessary to implement each strategy.
  • Save $5,000 to $25,000 a Year

    We don't like to overpromise, but we help small business owners making $80,000 to $250,000 save staggering amounts of taxes each year.

Tax Reduction Planning

How certain are you that you are doing everything possible to reduce your taxes and ensure that you are only paying what is legally required?

Most business owners are missing out on even the simplest tax reduction strategies because they end up working with lazy accountants that only provide year end tax return services.

When you work with Price CPA, we will engage with your financials throughout the year and provide aggressive, proactive, tax reduction planning for your business and your family.

You deserve to keep more of what you earn

We will ensure that you are implementing sound tax reduction strategies that can save you between $5000 and $25,000 a year.

Strategies we incorporate:

  • Maximizing the S-corp
  • Hiring your children
  • Utilizing small business retirement plans
  • Utilizing defined benefit or pensions
  • Income shifting to spouses & children
  • The Augusta Rule
  • Vehicle 179 & bonus depreciation
  • Paying healthcare premiums & plans
  • Implementing fringe benefit plans
  • Utilizing real estate holdings with depreciation or cost segregations

You deserve pro-active tax planning for your business, and here at Price CPA Tax & Accounting, we’ll diligently work to help you do everything legally possible to reduce your overall tax liability and build tax efficient wealth over the long haul.

If your accountant or tax person isn't bringing you strategies throughout the year, chances are you're overpaying in taxes.

Even Small Businesses Can Save Large Amounts in Taxes

We help business owners making more than about $60,000 reduce their taxes dramatically.

You can often think that tax planning will only pay off if you're a large business or if you have massive revenues, but that's simply not true.

We help business owners of all sizes, including single owner LLC's and 1099 income earners, save in taxes.

Don't Overpay Another Year, Get a Tax Analysis

If you're not certain you're doing everything possible to legally reduce your taxes, don't let another month go by where you could be missing out.

Book a consultation with us today and we'll do an audit of your business and tax return to identify opportunities and create a proposal to help you not only create a tax reduction plan, but implement it and make adjustments throughout the year.

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Tax Reduction Planning

We work throughout the year to reduce your taxes while keeping you compliant and avoiding red flags & mistakes.

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